The World Famous "Kill Your Teeth" Diet: 6 Teeth Rotting Foods

Have you ever found yourself wondering what foods are best to eat if you no longer want good dental health? Are you looking for a diet that can fill your tummy and destroy your teeth at the same time? If your deepest desire is to have cracked, stained, and dirty teeth, look no further than the Kill Your Teeth Diet. This diet will make your taste buds love you while making your teeth despise you. This article will detail some of the more teeth-rotting foods you can eat. 

Grapefruit And Limes And Lemons: Oh My!

All of the experts agree that fruits are great for you. If you want to rot your teeth, grapefruit, limes, and lemons are a great fruit option. 

Citric fruits are very harmful to your teeth. If you eat these types of fruits on a regular basis, you are exposing your teeth to a substance that can erode the enamel on your teeth. 

Eroding your enamel will make your teeth vulnerable to decay. Decay is a very easy way to ruin your smile, so when you feel like having some fruit, enjoy a slice of lemon!

Dried Fruits: A Sticky Icky Sugary Delight!

While some people may believe that dried fruit is a healthier option, but it's not!  Not only are dried fruits great tasting, they are also very high in sugar.

Dried fruits are very effective at causing damage to your teeth because they stick to your teeth.  This means that even after you have consumed it, your teeth are still exposed to the negative impact of sugar.  As a result, it will become easier for bacteria to form in your mouth and erode your enamel. 

Soda: Salacious Sugar-Filled Swill

Here it is, the granddaddy of them all!  When it comes to rotting out your mouth, soda is one of the greatest beverages you can consume.  And it's great for your kids!  Among children and adolescents, soda is one of the most prevalent sources of added sugar.

Not only is soda a great source for teeth annihilating sugar, it also contains a large amount of phosphoric and citric acid.  These acids are another substance that will erode your teeth's enamel.  

Also, if you are a fan of discolored teeth, soda must become a staple in your diet. A study actually showed that the effects of soda on your teeth are as harmful as using meth.  It's great for those who want to have that "Breaking Bad" look. 

Corn On The Cob: Great For BBQ And Breaking Teeth

If you have fillings and/or sealants, corn on the cob is a great dietary choice for you.  Eating corn on the cob can crack or loosen fillings and sealants.  It can also cause considerable damage to any orthodontic wires for those who have braces.

Tomato Sauce: A Must-Have For Pasta And Porous Teeth

Just like citric fruits, tomato sauce is very acidic.  In addition to being acidic, it can also adhere to your teeth and cause staining. 

In general, enamel is especially susceptible to darker colors.  The enamel on your teeth is porous, meaning that it can allow certain substances to sink in past the enamel.  The acid in tomato sauce can make temporarily make your teeth more porous, which makes your teeth absorb more of the sauce's coloring. 

White Wine: Great For Relaxation And Staining Your Teeth

White wine is another great stainer of teeth. You're probably thinking that red wine should actually cause more staining, but this is not true! White wine is yet another beverage that is high in acidity. As you learned earlier, acidity makes teeth more vulnerable to staining. If you are drinking white wine with food that is darkly colored, you will probably have more staining. 

The foods listed in this article are an integral part of the Kill Your Teeth diet.  If you regularly consume these and other such foods, you will be well on your way to tooth decay and stained, cracked teeth.  Should you decide this isn't the diet for you, you will likely need to consult with a dentist like those at Dental-Med.