3 Quick Tips For On-The-Go Denture Care

Whether you are traveling to visit family or for a business trip, you want to make sure that your smile is camera-ready. Your denturist has likely provided you reliable information about keeping your dentures clean so that your mouth can remain healthy; however, it can be hard to remember to make your dental health a priority when you are busy traveling. Even so, you cannot let traveling and a busy schedule make your dental health fall by the wayside. You can take simple steps to ensure your mouth is healthy and your breath remains fresh. Here are three quick tips for on-the-go denture care.

Carry a small travel toothbrush with you

Your dentures need to be soaked in order to keep them clean, but it is also important to continue brushing them. Ideally, you should brush your dentures after every meal. This keeps food particles from bonding with negative bacteria in your mouth to form plaque, which can still accumulate and damage your gums. Brushing your dentures, gums, and tongue regularly also helps to keep your breath fresh, because the bacteria that causes bad breath bonds with food residues left behind after meals in order to produce their odors.

Bring tupperware to soak your dentures overnight

When you are not using your dentures at night, you are supposed to keep them in solution or water in order to keep them pliant and well-fitted to your mouth. If you are traveling and using a hotel, you may be rightfully cautious of using the glassware provided in your hotel room. To keep your mind at ease and your dentures clean, bring your own tupperware from home. Tupperware is inexpensive, reusable and can be sealed. Buy a multi-pack of tupperware from your local grocery store before you go on a trip so you are sure that you have a safe, clean place to soak your dentures overnight.

Drink plenty of water to rinse your dentures

Your denturist (like those at Burke Mountain Denturist) likely recommends that you rinse and clean your dentures after every meal and snack. However, it can be tough to find time to do that when you are trying to keep up with a rigorous travel schedule. The next best thing that you can do in this kind of situation is drink plenty of water. While this does not completely clean your dentures, it does help to keep the worst of the food particles at bay. You should rinse your dentures as soon as you get a spare moment.