Teens And Tooth Loss: Replacement Options

Accidents, health issues, and poor dental hygiene can all lead to tooth loss at a young age. The result is young adults with gaps in their smile, which can decrease their confidence and lead to tooth alignment problems as they continue to grow. As a parent, you want to see your teen's happy grin and you want to make sure their dental needs are met. The following information can help you sort out your teen's smile.

The Truth About Implants

Implants are the go-to solution for most adults with missing teeth, but they aren't an option for teens and young adults. This is because their jawbones are still growing at younger ages. While natural teeth have the ability to adjust their placement slightly as the jaw grows, implants rigidly stay in place. This can affect final tooth alignment and placement. Teens, especially boys, can continue growing into their early 20's, so they may have to wait many years before they can get implants.

Options for Just a Few Lost Teeth

Bridges, a type of semi-permanently affixed false tooth, is the solution of choice if there are only one or two missing teeth. A false tooth is affixed to the healthy teeth on either side of it. Bridges can last many years and look completely natural if your teen brushes and cares for them properly.

Dentures – A Viable Solution

Although dentures are usually associated with grandma and grandpa, it's not unheard of for young people to successfully use this solution. There are several cases where dentures may be the best solution for your teen:

  • When there are many missing teeth in the mouth so that it isn't possible to affix a bridge.
  • If gum disease is a problem. Dentists sometimes can't attach bridges to teeth that are loose because the patient is suffering from or healing from gum disease.
  • When ongoing medical treatments may continue to affect dental health. For example, treatments that involve feeding or breathing tubes may damage bridges, but dentures can be removed during the treatments.
  • Dentures come in both full and partial sets, depending on how many teeth your teen is missing. Advancements in denture construction and adhesives make them more comfortable to wear and prevent slipping.

If you opt for dentures as a short term solution, they will benefit more than just your teen's smile – they will also ensure that remaining teeth stay aligned and don't shift out of place. Talk with a denturist like Esquimalt Denture Clinic Ltd. to find out which solution is best for your teen's smile.