4 All-Natural Gingivitis Remedies

The red, sore, and inflamed gums that are often associated with gingivitis can sometimes be very painful. Gingivitis can also be rather unsightly to look at, which can cause gingivitis sufferers to feel very self conscious about their appearance. Luckily, there are many different all-natural remedies that you can utilize in order to help alleviate your symptoms. 

1. Eat A Nutritious Diet 

Poor nutrition can lead to many different diseases including gum disease. Therefore, eating a healthy and nutritious diet is one of the very best ways to help prevent and even cure your gingivitis symptoms.

You should aim to eat a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean sources of proteins such as fish, eggs, and chicken. Crunchy fruits and veggies such as apples and carrots are best since their abrasiveness helps to scrub plaque off of your teeth. 

2. Try Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties which can help cure gingivitis. Tea tree oil can easily be found at either your local grocery store or health food store. A little of this oil can go a long ways. Just place 1 or 2 drops of it on your finger and then gently rub the sore and swollen areas of your gums for 2 or 3 minutes. For optimal results, you should perform this routine once or twice per day. 

3. Floss Your Teeth 

Flossing your teeth is an essential component of maintaining good oral hygiene. It helps your teeth look and feel their very best.  Flossing not only helps to prevent and cure gingivitis but it also helps to keep your breath smelling fresh and clean. The reason for this is that it helps get rid of any odor causing food particles and plaque that are stuck between your teeth. For best results, you should floss your teeth twice a day. 

4. Chew The Right Gum 

Chewing gum that contains xylitol is an excellent way to help prevent gingivitis. The reason for this is that xylitol helps prevent bacteria from building up on your teeth. As an added bonus, chewing gum helps your breath smell nice, which, of course, is always a good thing. 

There's no doubt about it that having to deal with gingivitis can sometimes be very unpleasant. Fortunately though, trying even just one or two of these tips can go a really long ways towards helping to restore your gums back to good health again. 

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