Crowns VS Veneers: Which Is A Better Option For You?

Both crowns and veneers are an excellent way to cover staining, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, and gaps between your teeth. However, each of these options has their own pros and cons. Here is information about crowns and veneers so you can decide which is the better choice.


Your first option for covering up imperfections is with dental veneers. Veneers are made of thin pieces of porcelain that are cut and shaped to cover your teeth. You can get them on as many of your front teeth as necessary. The veneers are very thin, but you do need to get your teeth filed down slightly to accommodate them so they blend in well with your other teeth. They will be made to be whatever color you like. If you have staining on one tooth due to drinking a lot of coffee, you can get a veneer to cover this tooth and have it be the exact shade of your other teeth. It will look completely natural and cover the stain.

Veneers Benefits and Drawbacks

Dental veneers are purely cosmetic and won't provide any restorative benefits. This in addition to the higher cost are the main disadvantages to choosing veneers over crowns. However, less of your tooth needs to be filed down to fit the veneers since the porcelain is thin and only goes over the top of your tooth. This means less work is done overall to your natural teeth, helping you to retain more of the tooth.


The other option is to get a dental crown. This is a type of cap that goes over your tooth where it can cover the imperfections you aren't happy with. The main difference between a crown and veneer is that crowns need to cover the entire tooth. While they are often used for cosmetic purposes, they can also be restorative.

Crowns Benefits and Drawbacks

Speaking of being restorative, this is one of the biggest benefits to having a crown. If the tooth you are concerned about has thin enamel or has had a root canal, you should consider a crown. This will protect the tooth from further damage and allow you to save your natural tooth. A disadvantage is that, because it covers the entire tooth and the crown is slightly thicker than veneers, more of your natural tooth needs to be filed down in order to accommodate it. 

For more information about crowns and veneers or help deciding which is best for you, contact a clinic like Glenmore Family Dental Care.